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Course Type: Hands-on maintenance

Listen up, dirt-lovers! Your mountain bike needs some TLC to keep it running like a well-oiled machine. Lucky for you, this course is designed to show you how to give your bike the love it deserves and keep it (and you) from becoming a squeaky wheel.


During the class, we'll cover the following topics:


  • Bike Anatomy: We'll go over the parts of your bike and how they work together so that you have a better understanding of what you're working with.  We will also discuss basic tools and equipment you’ll need for ongoing maintenance.

  • Cleaning and Lubrication: We'll teach you how to clean your bike and have it shine like a diamond in the rough. Plus, we'll show you how to properly lubricate your chain so that it runs as smooth as your favorite whiskey.

  • Drivetrain Maintenance: Chain check, derailleur adjustment, and cassette removal — this section will make you feel like a pro mechanic.  

  • Checking Tire Pressure: We'll cover how to check and adjust your tire pressure to keep your ride as hoppy as your favorite beer.

  • Inspecting Your Bike: We'll show you how to inspect your bike for wear and tear. Plus, we'll discuss when it's the right time to replace components.

  • Adjusting Brakes: Don't end up careening down a mountain like a runaway train — we'll teach you how to maintain and adjust your brakes.

  • Basic Suspension Maintenance: We'll go over how to maintain and adjust your front fork and rear shock.


The class will be a hands-on format, so you can get your hands dirty and ask all your burning questions. We'll provide all necessary tools and equipment, but remember that it's BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike). By the end of the class, you'll be a bike maintenance wizard and your ride will be smoother than a baby's bottom.


MAY 5, 2023

Location: Woodstock Sports

Coach: Adam Smith

JULY 5, 2023

Location: Woodstock Sports

Coach: John Rogers


Location: Woodstock Sports

Coach: Jimmy Maron

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